Blanco Bero


ep - NOUS002 - Released on 29 April 2014
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Now that the ISMS EP has provided our favorite dance floors with magico moments and vivid arpeggio’s, Nous’klaer Audio presents the second part of their collection of dance floor excursions. For the second release Oceanic presents a ticket to another yet unexplored destination. This EP may count as his proper debut, though his ‘Kobo’ contribution to the Rimini series of edits-to-go has already put joy to last summer’s festivals. On Blanco Bero Oceanic follows on from the anthematic Kobo on Rimini with an EP of yet again uncanny-but-powerful dance music, ready to explore. Again vinyl only and silk-screened artwork.

About Oceanic

If dance floors were underwater, Oceanic would be a modern-day siren. As both a DJ and a producer – often releasing tracks on family label Nous’klaer – he creates immersive and shape- shifting environments in which boundaries dissolve. Like tides, the musical experiences Oceanic creates feel driven forces bigger than the sum of their parts, pushing towards new and unknown frontiers. Oceanic’s focus is on bringing people together to foster collective energy and experience joy together.

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