White Island

Paul Twin

ep - NOUS003 - Released on 11 January 2016
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Ten years after bringing his infamous live sets to the island he grew up, Paul Twin debuts with White Island, investigating further into the community’s hidden secrets. Working patiently on his sound, bringing together his great sense of melody with production expertise, he is now ready to share his sounds with the mainland.

While the highly anthematic Turbulence, on the B side, has been in the pipeline for years, it is the A side that presents his latest revelation, being his most confident cut to date. Since last autumn it could already be heard on small and big dancefloors all over the continent, quite often standing out because of its heavy drums and magnificent twist in the break. Altogether White Island is an EP that comes from a mix of patience and experience, breathing air in lost sounds, reminding as much of psychedelic forest forays as endless kitchen raves.

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